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About The North Herts Cricket League

We are the North Herts Cricket League - for 2024 we are made up of 15 cricket teams that play across two divisions on a Sunday. 

Our History 

In November 1981, a group of cricket clubs in North Hertfordshire who were not playing league cricket at the time met to decide if a league should be formed to put more spice into normal club games, which often drifted into meaningless draws.


After a few meetings, fixtures were arranged between the clubs for 1982. The first few matches proved successful, and with a few minor changes the first formal season of The North Herts Cricket League took place in 1983. 

Over the years, the league attracted clubs from outside the immediate North Hertfordshire area. This made it difficult to get teams together to play matches in a 20 overs per side League Cup Competition that had been set up. The competition then changed to a six-a-side August Bank Holiday competition from 1999 to 2004. In 2011 a T20 competition was set up for those clubs interested in the latest version of the game although that was only played for one season


A brief history of our sponsors since the first formal season of the North Herts Cricket League in 1983.


1983: North Hertfordshire District Sports Council 


1984: Sky High Promotions,


1985 - 1991: N&P Windows 


1992 - 2000: Marlin House Trading Company Limited, who had close connections with leading West Indian cricketers such as Clive Lloyd and Courtney Walsh.

2000 - 2003: Stapeley Hunt Accountants of Hitchin 


2004 - 2021: Broadview Windows

2011 - 2011: Bracey’s Accountants sponsored the T20 competition (now discontinued)

2022 - : TT Couriers 

League Membership 

League Membership has changed over the years, as clubs leave due to decreasing playing strength, demising or changing leagues and clubs joining as they recognised the benefits of a Sunday league.


As league membership increased it was expanded to two divisions in 2003 and then three divisions in 2011. However, in common with the rest of the country, reduction in playing cricket, especially on Sunday, took its toll, and the league had reduced to thirteen clubs in 2019 but increased to 14 teams for 2021 and now to 15 teams for 2023. If you're part of a cricket club in Hertfordshire and are looking to join a league, please get in touch

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